Pillow Talk

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Pillows are an extremely versatile and useful tool when decorating an interior. With them you have the ability to transform, customize and accessorize your space, as well as provide a comfy spot to rest your head. Pillows are not simply functional, they are decorative in so many ways; textured, embellished, solid and patterned designs add the final flourish.

You can make that simple solid coloured sofa, chair or bed, your own, by adding pillows that fit your mood, style or personality. Or even the season! Get a whole different feeling by adding a pop of color, a bold print, a subtle tone on tone, or a holiday twinkle. Think of the upholstery as your canvas and then anything is possible.

Plus...and here is the best news…this is extremely affordable. This is an extremely useful tool for making big change with little money.  And perfect for those DIYers. Is it not too difficult to sew a square or rectangular shape together.

So here are some easy rules of thumb:

1/ Size is key. 18-20 for a sofa. Larger pillows 20-24 are great for the bed or very large sofa. I like a small rectangular pillow in chairs for extra lumbar support.

2/ The Insides: here is where you should splurge. A feather or feather/down insert is luxurious, squishy and divine. Synthetic fills look just fine, but once you relax against one, you will feel the difference instantly.

3/Number of Pillows. There is much debate about this. I think odd numbers can be more modern and eclectic. If you like symmetry, then four (on a sofa) is good. Two larger pillows behind with two slightly smaller ones in front. Maybe a bolster in the middle.

4/ Self Welt/No Welt/Cording. I use self welt or cording. No welt just looks cheap!

5/ Texture. This is important. You need to vary the texture. If you have slick upholstery (leather or silk) then add pillows with a texture. If you have upholstery with a texture, then add pillows with a bit of pizazz.

These same principles can be applied to any room of the house: family room, living room, bedroom.