The Essential Floor Plan

A good floor plan is an absolute must-have in order to avoid making mistakes when renovating a space, building a space, buying/renting a space or even purchasing furniture. It is a great investment and can save you tons of money! It allows one to see how the space will flow from room to room, as well as how the furniture will work best in each room. Don’t be afraid to use trial and error in doing a floor plan because if it doesn’t work on paper, chances are it won’t work in the space.

Getting a qualified professional to help is worth every cent and does not require tons of money. You can often pay by the hour and have one done for you. This is a design service that can be customized to most budgets depending on the individual clients’ needs. For the DIYer, creating your own furniture layout can be mastered using graph paper and templates or online with user friendly programs.

Of course, if you are renovating or building a space, it is always recommended to go through the design process with a professional. The investment is too great and the life/safety issues very complex that, depending on the scope of the project, the engagement of an architect/builder/interior designer is necessary. Preferably all working together as a team to create the best interior possible!

In the real estate realm; floor plans are often a better indication of an interior than what images sometimes offer. The images of listings online can be quite misleading and can disguise a myriad of problems.

Here are some things to keep in mind when viewing a floor plan:

  1. Does the plan fit my lifestyle?

  2. Is this plan flexible or versatile at all?

  3. Is the room placement logical?

  4. Does the flow from room to room work?

  5. Can each room be furnished successfully for the need of the occupant?