Buying at Auction

While moving to a new home is usually pretty exciting, it can also be expensive.  Suddenly, furnishings, rugs and design elements that worked so well in your last house just don’t feel like a good fit in the new place.

Auctions — like my favorite spots; Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in West Palm Beach or Everard Auctions in Savannah, are incredibly useful resources for finding quality pieces. Often for very affordable prices. They are an overlooked source when decorating your home.

Over the years, I have successfully purchased 18th-20th centuries finds at auction. These are now finding new places in my new homes. I was lucky enough to win two fabulous paintings by well-known listed artists. The “Girl in a blue dress” by Alvaro Delgado Ramos, a contemporary Spanish artist (1922-2016) was an excellent purchase and a focal point in the West Palm Beach living room.  Delgado Ramos has multiple paintings in prominent museums, so I am the lucky winning bidder. And the "Violin Player” by a contemporary artist from New York City, Max Ferguson (born 1959) is gracing my Savannah home. His works are acclaimed for their meticulous attention to detail. He has been called by the Huffington Post a modern day equivalent to Vermeer.

Good design never goes out of style so don’t hesitate to incorporate something with history into your home. Auction shopping is fun  – it can be addictive and you’ll never forget your first bid!

Vintage and antique finds can also be a terrific investment. These pieces were generally hand constructed and manufactured to be a lot sturdier than some of our current mass produced pieces. Plus, great vintage and antique finds rarely lose their value!

We first spoke to this subject a few years back when we were asked to appear as a guest on WJCL's Designing with Jessica series in Savannah. We will be revisiting our guest appearances throughout the next few months and showing how to incorporate today’s latest trends and tips into these timeless topics. Click the live link below to watch!